How is Social Media Harassment Investigated?

The rise of new technologies and the Internet has led to the increasing use of social networks as a means of communication, either through the computer or from the mobile device.

A few years ago, let’s remember, to be able to communicate with someone it took either to see each other physically or to phone. With the Internet now that is no longer necessary, just have access to the “network” and a mobile device where you can visit any “website” page or application with “chat”.

Being able to communicate easily over the Internet is an advantage, especially for those who have their loved one’s miles away, or as a means of communication in the field of business.

But unfortunately, there are people who take advantage of the anonymity that the Internet can generate to harass other people.

Harassment on social media is becoming more common, mainly for two fundamental reasons:

* We expose our private life through a “wall” of any social network.

* We accept as “friends” people that we do not know and that in many cases they are usually fake “profiles”.

Exposing, even “naked,” our private life through social media does not realize that we provide sensitive information about ourselves to a potential stalker. So, when that alleged stalker gets in touch, he already knows all about our tastes, interests, dreams and desires, we have given him a fundamental advantage, thus facilitating harassment on social media.

While it is true that the Internet provides an anonymity that makes it difficult to detect the stalker, there are tools that a detective has to investigate harassment on social media.

private investigation Malaysia professional with knowledge of forensic computing and computer expertise can conduct an investigation on social media either with tools from open sources or other techniques that make it easier to locate, find and discover the stalker. Or demonstrate through an expert report the veracity of digital evidence hosted on any social network.

Tips for improving social media security:

The best tool to prevent being harassed on social media is the logic and common sense of each of us. However, private investigation Malaysia specialists are aware that people do not always get carried away by logic, so here are five tips to improve security and thus avoid being harassed on social networks.

  1. Do not publish your personal and social life on your “wall” of any social network. People usually publish where they have been, where they will go, with whom, when, what they like, what they do not like, etc… And they don’t realize that they’re giving essential information to any stalker.
  2. Do not indiscriminately accept friendship invitations from people you do not know. The stalker usually creates fake “profiles” to contact you, creating a fictional life according to your tastesso that you can get your attention. So, private investigation Malaysia experts recommend that if you’re not sure you know that person, don’t accept any invitations.
  3. Do not send sexual photographs or videos. In this way you avoid falling victim to what has been called “sextortion”.
  4. Turn on social media privacy. That only your friends can write to you, find you and, above all, contact you.
  5. Change your passwords periodically. This simple operation will prevent any type of access without your consent to your social “profile”.

Private Investigators: Is it worth hiring them?

When it comes to finding the most secret or critical information, hiring a private investigator is always the best option for you. A private detective has great specialization in different areas of investigation right from tracing missing people, trailing your partner’s wrong activities & fraud by using the right investigation procedure.

So, if you are looking for a company where you can find experienced and famous Private Investigator in Malaysia then MVD International is the best option for you. Private detectives or private investigators carry out different tasks that can assist you in your personal as well as business matters.

They are trained on how to collect or gather effective information which is helpful for clients. Below-stated are top reasons that state why people prefer hiring a private investigator.

Private detectives help to deal with fraud cases

No matter whether you are a business or an individual, once in a life you will definitely be affected by some or the other kind of fraudulent activity. Nowadays, fraud is a common crime that can manifest in a horde of diverse ways.

An experienced private detective will assist you with a deception investigation in the case, you are suffering from cheque, banking, or dating fraud. He can also help you to deal with copyright breach easily. 

They will assist you to do background checks on a company or person

Nowadays, on the internet, you can easily find information as well as necessary facts about a company, business, or person. But remember one thing that the internet cannot give you 100% reliable as well as in-depth information.

So, if you want to know the history of someone or a particular company then simply switch to a private investigator who will help you with background checks.

The checks can range right from the company due diligence to making checks on a caretaker for checking a person’s character. The results of such types of checks will offer you priceless solutions for your business and personal life. 

Criminal defense

Private detectives often conduct criminal defense inquiries on behalf of law firms as well as those suspects of a crime. It is seen that lawyers and legal teams face difficulties in tracking down and cross-examining witnesses.

This is the time when private investigators turn out to be beneficial as they use their expertise to locate missing witnesses and conduct interviews with them.

They work closely with criminal defense attorneys by conducting interviews, surveillance as well as investigating so that the right information is found to invalidate wrong charges as well as claims. 

They will assist you to track a person

There are several reasons to track a person. However, a person often wants to track his or her partner when they think that their partner is cheating on them. A private detective helps in tracking a person’s girlfriend or boyfriend to find complete facts.

Therefore, there are several reasons to hire a Private Detective in Malaysia but above-stated is a few of them.

What Kind Of Private Detective Can You Trust?

Hiring private detectives is increasingly becoming common. This follows the fact that such detectives have enjoyed a lot of success over the years. As such, many people including government departments are using them. They are hiring them to handle a number of complicated cases. For example, some people hire them to solve fugitive, missing person and even fraud cases. But, such detectives have increased in number. They can be found in almost every part of the world. Therefore, knowing which private investigator Malaysia to choose has become complicated in a number of ways. Suppose you would like to hire a private detective but you are wondering which one to go for, consider the following information.

Able to solve any kind of case

Criminal cases can prove to be too hard to solve. A number of such cases are usually too complicated for anyone to handle them. Even the most qualified investigators make such confessions. But, there are some detectives that do not back down on any challenge. They are willing to do what it takes to solve any kind of puzzle. It is a good idea to go for such investigators. They can help you to solve your case irrespective of how complicated it may seem. For example, they may solve cases such as fugitive reports, fraud and even missing person files. They have what it takes to get to the bottom of any kind of case.

Has a highly qualified team of professional investigators

You have to try by all means to look for a team that is in possession of highly qualified professional investigators. The outcome of any investigations is largely dependent on the detectives involved. For this reason, it is always a good idea to make sure you hire an investigation agency that uses investigators who are highly qualified.

Uses modern investigation techniques

Another issue worth considering is the nature of investigation methods that they use. It is important to make sure you hire investigators that use reliable methods in all their operations. For example, the use of forensic detection techniques is increasingly becoming popular. It is a common trend in most countries, particularly because of the countless benefits that come with using it. The use of facial recognition software is equally becoming common due to the countless benefits that come with using it. Therefore, hiring investigators that have adopted such modern ways of carrying out investigations is a perfect idea.

Is trusted by the government

Government officials often use private detective services in most of the complicated cases that they deal with. Due to the huge amount of trust that they have placed in such services, they often hire them on a frequent basis. It is entirely up to you to make sure you hire investigators that are held in high esteem by government.

Adheres to statutory regulations and ethics

During investigations, some detectives may be forced to overstep the ethical and statutory regulations. This is unprofessional and should not be tolerated at all. It is a good idea to hire investigation services Malaysia providers that adhere to all the ethics and government regulations in all their operations.

How Helpful Can Private Investigators Be For Your Case?

In the present time, registering a complaint with local police authorities may not be advisable in all cases. If you are having issues within your relationship, or if you are not sure of the crime and criminal, then hiring a private investigator is the only remedy for you.

  • Private investigators work better as compared to local police authorities
  • They are not regulated by any services so they offer honest work reports.
  • They don’t need special authorities to get started with any investigation.

These are only a few of the reasons why you need to hire Private Investigator Malaysia services. They are willing to investigate any case on your behalf.

So, why hiring experts is advisable, here are a few notable reasons.

Helpful for government authorities

Everyone knows that even government bodies may need special help from professionals. Private investigators operate on private grounds. They are equipped with advanced technological devices. They make use of highly advanced gadgets ad devices.

This is why; even local police may hire these services, if they get stuck at any stage, during the investigation process.

In-depth reporting

Private investigators can get into any depth when enquiring about the case. They follow no set rules or are not even restricted to any rules and regulations or authorities. They are highly skilled and specialized as most of them might have undergone specialized military training.

This is why they are never hesitant to get to any depth, during their investigation procedure. These services are very helpful for investigating at any level.

Easy availability

The moment you walk inside any police station, you may have to register your complaint first. Then there is a protocol that these services will follow. You may have to wait for over months to get the result of the investigation.

In most cases, you have to go through a hectic legalized procedure. Everything can be time-consuming, and so in most cases, people often try and avoid registering complaints. This is true, but not for private investigators.

The moment you hire Private Detective Malaysia the very next moment they are working on your case. They don’t have to wait for any legal protocols to carry out their investigations. In most cases, the reports will be submitted within a few hours or days.

Well informative

Private investigators are well informed. Regarding any case, this proves a lot more beneficial. They work on their big network of resources. This is one of the reasons they can be trusted for their information. You can depend on them for any set of information provided to you.

Well-coordinated services

Private investigators are often in touch with local police authorities and other governmental firms. They can gather a good set of information that is more precise. The results will be produced after the confirmation and verification process.

This means that you may not have to take the trouble of verifying anything on your own. They work in a very safe environment. They never fall into issues with local authorities. They are well coordinated with everyone during the investigation procedure.

You can hire their services for all types of investigations. They are the right choice for present time situations.

Everything you need to know about private investigators in Malaysia


If you have never hired or been into contact with private investigator Malaysia, you might have no ideas about what they can do and what not. Is it important to know about private detectives? If you are about to ask this question, then the answer is Yes! Private detectives required having a license in order to operate any assigned case, and it is compulsory in most of the states for the detectives to be licensed. To be a private detective, in some states, it is important for you to have either a law enforcement background or a criminal justice degree or needs to be experienced as an apprentice and experienced under any private investigator Malaysia who are licensed.

Irrespective of the degrees and qualification of a private investigator fulfil, some usual test is also there to make the understanding of the legal processes of their Investigation Services Malaysia job. Conflict to their image what you have read in novels and saw in movies who act on their own harmony, private investigators offers a broad range of investigative and legal services for businesses and individuals.

Who is private investigator Malaysia?

In simple and shorts terms, a private detective and investigators is a human who got paid to keep eyes on oppositions or investigate a diversity of variant angels and issues. Most of the common private detectives are self-employed, but also hired by individuals and companies in order to analyse and investigate, for example:

  1. Procurement evidence that could impact the proceedings of divorce.
  2. Examining claims of extra-marital affairs.
  3. Execution contextual forms on latent employees.
  4. Money laundering.
  5. Fraud.
  6. Investigation work.
  7. Missing pets or people.

What kind of qualities do you need to have to become a private investigator?

Because, most of the time, private detectives are self-employed, this is why you need to learn how to run your own business and a basic understanding of how it all works. It is highly suggested that you learn or study laws, for instance, data protection and information handling as this has an essential role in your profession of Investigation Services Malaysia.

Other than that, you need to be perseverance as being a private detective is not an easy task, you will be required to spend an hour working on the case.

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Who are the Most Common Parties who can receive Services of Private Investigator Malaysia?

The general consensus about actual private investigation seems to differ greatly, especially when you consider all the converging cases of where needs and requirements may arise. The innate need that extends across parties require some thought, as the tailoring and distinct consideration for the service to become of greater value is important to say the least. Private Investigator Malaysia appeals to a plethora of different players across the entire social order. The objective is to provide truth and the exact circumstances permeating all across the field at large. These might be lone individuals, looking to peer whether their families are safe and secure, to corporate parties where strategies and decisions that’ll affect so many lives require proper evidence across any possible extent of its concern. Therefore, looking at the most commonalities across these parties will certainly reveal many things, especially when you may actually requires services like these.

Single Individuals

These are obviously very common client group, which translates toward receiving the services. There are many specific requirement pathways through which any Private Investigator Malaysia may dedicate one’s own capabilities, skills and knowledge. But, the essential services that are liable to be taken by single individuals privately are fairly limited within the entire breadth of what the offerings actually indicate. The overall scenario and processes mainly relate to spouse tracking, adultery, catching, cases for child custody attainment, and the specific relations with matrimonial settlements at large. It’s simply a matter of what many might suppose as essential of what the most common perceptions about such a profession might indicate.


There’s certainly possibility for a couple or a family to seek out private investigation, but the limitations increase to an even greater extent with respect to specificity of requirements. Missing members of the family may obviously require a plethora of different applicative skills and strategies. Moreover, criminal cases that may have affected the family, and quite clear for the authorities to participate in a genuine way may relate to a case that’s actually quite similar at the ends.

Insurance Companies

This falls under the cases that relate to more of a corporate requirement than an inherently private one. It’s essential to note that variety of wrongdoings and issues may arise in the case of customers looking for that huge return upon investment. Fraudulency, cyber investigation, authentication of documents etc. all feature into this particular need for the inherent application of Private Investigator Malaysia.

Law Firms

The noted closeness between private investigation agencies and law firms is undeniable, given that most of the cases involve mutually beneficial results being exchanged. The services may range quite widely, even extending to those that are inherently private in nature. It’s actually a matter of partnership, which this specific pairing may share over an extended length of time.

Financial Institutions & Organizations

Finance is a subject that’s inherently a corporate matter across the board, and with the help of Private Investigator Malaysia, one could achieve the overcoming of major challenges that may occur. As a result, those companies, organizations and investigations who deal with a variety of different financial offenses can actually result in the effective implementation of such services. The ultimate result is that of the proper financial balancing for the party who is at concern, and all processes and assets are actually set right over time.

It’s necessary to reflect upon all the innate benefits of Private Investigator Malaysia. In light of the fact that their range of expertise ranges so widely, the case of realizing objectives need to be in order to the greatest degree imaginable.

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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Reputable Private Investigator

Hiring a PI (private investigator) is not an easy task. There are precautions that you need to take before hiring them. It is important for you to work out the overall cost of hiring these experts in advance. You also have to look into their expertise level.

  • These professionals can be hired by anyone for personal or corporate use.
  • Before hiring them you have to be clear about the person you want to hire.
  • You should select one who is the right fit for your investigation.

There are a few common mistakes that you should avoid before hiring a Private Investigation Malaysia team for your task.

Mistake 1 – Hiring one who can’t be reached

One of the biggest mistakes people commit is to hire a PI who is not easy to reach over the phone. It is certain that during the entire investigation process you may need regular feedback from an expert. If the investigator you hired does not provide a direct phone call number, then he should be avoided.

If the investigator is only using voice mail for contacts then he may never be a reliable source. Avoid hiring a professional who is not easy to reach as and when required.

Mistake 2- Hiring without a personal meeting

A private investigator is an important person. In many cases, it may not be possible to meet them in person. But if you want transparency in your case, then you should always meet the investigator in person.

This means that the PI you just approached should forward you with details of their work address. Before hiring him, you have to meet him in person and discuss your case. A reputable investigator will never hesitate in meeting clients personally.

Mistake 3 – Not checking with productivity

Another most common mistake people make is that they avoid checking with the work productivity of the investigator. It is certain that you can only collect evidence of negative reviews the moment you go through the history of their past projects.

Any investigator who is not willing to share information about their past projects should not be hired. They may not be reliable for your project.

Mistake 4 – Always compromise on price

Hiring a private investigator is important as you need to collect information. You should never hire a professional just because he is quoting a low price. Services that are cheap may not always be the better choice.

Before you hire one, it is important for you to research well in advance. If the investigator is charging more fees, then he will always put in more effort in his investigations. You should always try and select high profile investigator for conducting an investigation.

Mistake 5- Hiring randomly

Another most common mistakes that many people make is that they hire PIs randomly. In most cases, random selections are never the best. Before you hire one it is important that you conduct good research. Check with his past experience. An investigator who has been in business for many years will have better experience in solving all types of cases.

It is also important to check if the investigator is willing to offer a money-back guarantee or not.

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Truth About Private Investigator For Your Business Help

Hiring the private investigator for business purpose is useful. It helps to sort out most of the deceitful issues related to the employees. Here are the benefits in commercial purpose.

Pre-employment Screening

There are so many companies who require pre-employment screening. Such as an airport shuttle company, they always require to verify the applicants with their previous histories. Here they complete their process through the interviews and references or the information they gather to form the investigators.

Prospective Business Partner

Here take an example; harry wants to start a grocery shop, and his sister introduced her friend to him. Now both harry and Joseph is going to start the shop as partners. Everything was running based on their discussion, but only harry is going to invest in the business, and here he wants to do some checks on the background of Joseph to make sure about him because harry is uncertain about Joseph. Here harry hires a private investigator to done this work.

To keep the Investments fair

Before investing your money or even time in a different case, its better you should do some research. If you feel the company is looking perfectly legitimate and also offering decent deals, then it could be a scam. Here you can take the help of a Private Investigator Malaysia for a background check. The investigator will access the records, licensing, any case of bankrupts, federal taxes and defaults in other cases. This way, you will find whether your investment is good or not.

For Security Consultations

In Business security to its essential aspects is necessary, such as premises, property, assets, or information of its employees. Security issues are nightmares for some companies. They rely on the security system, but now they also start taking the help of surveillance. Here experienced private investigators are hired to look after the security needs to keep the safety of employees.

To verify the Workers’ Compensation Claims

Most of the claims filed by people over the insurance companies are a fraud. Only a single claim can cause loss to the insurance company. To verify the claims company need to look after the situation and figure out the estimation of real damage.

For Electronic Surveillance Detection

Establishing electronic listening devices it is an illegal process and also results in a criminal sentence. There are so many cases when private investigation services being called. Though not everyone is allowed to handle these kinds of services, then who’s is capable of? Well, in the large and small companies, competition is harsh, and even the pressure is ruthless. This may result in that one company is disturbing another company or maybe bribing their employees to do this work and keep those devices hidden. Even not every private investigator have legal rights to carry this process in the offices. Even most of the people ask to hire the bug sweep to sort out the problem. Some experienced and reputed investigators can perform these kinds of activities and reputed Private Investigation Malaysia firms can help you. They are quite persistent and work according to the law or other enactments.

Things to Contemplate Before Hiring a Private Investigator


Hiring the right private investigator often has a meaningful impact on different kinds of situations where facts are in question. Right from employee background checks to accident injury verification to family matters, the observation recorded by professional investigator can provide you valuable insights. Remember the more information you have the better choices you can make.

You can hire the services of Private Detective Malaysia service which is capable enough to render outstanding results in all kinds of operations. It is always better to hire an investigation service provider which is highly trusted by many people.

Remember that choosing a Private Investigation Malaysia company that has a good reputation or track record can easily solve your case within a given time. Almost all the private investigation firms have a category of cases in which they score well.

One can easily hire Private Detective Malaysia from MVD at very cost-effective prices. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire a detective for your services after investigating its qualities because only the best detective is capable of fulfilling the exact demand for your work.

The Private Investigation Malaysia services can be hired for different reasons like surveillance works, find missing witness & person, security purposes, accident reconstructions, background checking as well as for catching the cheating spouse. Below stated are some of the points that you need to keep in your mind before hiring an investigator. 

  • Check whether the investigator is licensed or not– In almost all the states, a private investigator always needs to have the license. Make sure that you ask for their personal and agency license. To determine whether the investigator is licensed to do the work, you need to check the governing authority in your state.


  • Know about the experience and background- It is very important for the investigator to have experience; ask questions like what type of services they can offer? If an investigator has good background and experience then he is capable of solving the problems in less time.


  • Check whether your private investigator is carrying the insurance or not- When you hire an investigator it is very crucial to ask about their insurance policy as it ensures that the PI that you are going to hire will strictly perform all the rules as well as regulation of his work.


  • Ask them for their work references- You can easily come to know about their work principles as well as relationship with the community when you go through their work references.


  • Ask for the private investigator fees- The fees that will be charged by investigator totally depend upon the nature of work for which the professional will be hired. Gets the clear picture of fees before hiring them because a private investigator charges standard per-hour fees including expenses while some of them have flat rates?


  • Obtain a contract- In the contract, you will find that all the terms and conditions are clearly written regarding the work which is to be done by a private investigator.

Therefore, all these points can help you to hire the right investigator.

Are Detectives’ Works With The Determination?

If yes then what you should see in them.

Detective services have transformed the way of their work. Due to the advancement in technology, private detectives are using different ways to carry out the work. But the thing is they trustworthy? These days, detectives are accountable to solve complicated mysteries. If we flip and see the records there are very few cases, those are being solved because of lack of the detectives. But after the arrival of the detectives, even the government is also favoring the prospect of hiring detectives. These Private Investigation Malaysia services show the testimony of trust and reliability. But one may wonder when it comes to trust and reliability, whether they are trusted or not, and if trusted what are the characteristics that make them reliable.

Private Detective Malaysia

Consider this information, while selecting the detectives:

Detectives who have a good previous record- this first important most thing about the detective is they should have a good previous work record. Record is the detailed itinerary of the work journey and has a very important impact. It shows the ability of the detective, his confidentiality, his unbiased work or handling capabilities. Even all these firms of private detectives services have criteria on which they score the work of their detectives. This way helps you to figure out which is best for you and which one is not. every firm is specialized in a different field, some firm is determined to work for the fidelity cases, some handles the other criminal issues, fugitive cases, murder cases, etc.

So you need to find out a suitable firm for your work.

Detectives with highly trained personnel

How successful a detective is depended upon the training given by the firm? It is proved that the firm that has a good number of detectives with a high level of training works with more effectiveness than the normal firms. But we cannot deny the fact no firm has experiences detectives, rather they train them with the small cases or either with the trained detective as an assistant detective. While you plan to hire a detective for your services its good if you first investigate the qualities of the Private Detective Malaysia. Only the best detective can fulfill the demands of your work.

 Detectives have good knowledge of tools and their use –

Every investigating requires different tools, and the nature of the tools depends upon the advancement of technology. The best investigator has proper knowledge of the tool and he always remains updated with the new tools. Most of the tools that are being used by the investigators are; cameras, video cameras, face recognition software, tools for voice reorganization, CGI, the software’s for modeling and another UHD camera. These firms also include the use of some forensic services and genetic engineering services.

Although not every case is complex and requires high detective services, some of the cases require to solve the mystery of the case. Not every detective is well smart and determined towards the work, this is your duty to figure out the information about the detective whether he is capable of doing the work or not.

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